The collision of a star and a black hole puzzled scientists

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On August 14 of last year, experts recorded a gravitational wave that literally enveloped our planet. Finely tuned lasers in the USA and Italy allowed to notice the incident.

Earlier, with the help of lasers, experts studied the collision processes of neutron stars with black holes. Now it was possible to analyze a completely new case when a black hole came too close to a star. As a result, a strong gravitational wave was formed.

Scientists in different parts of the world immediately turned their telescopes in the right direction after a signal from their American and Italian colleagues.

Specialists hoped to see at least some kind of light effect (X-ray, infrared, etc.), but nothing came of it. The gravitational wave was code-named GW190814. This is the first time that a source of a space incident could not be found, said Rory Smith of Monash University in Australia.

Some studies have shown that the collision itself took place at a distance of 800 million light-years from us. In the incident, a black hole is definitely implicated, which turned out to be 23 times more massive than our star. Another body stood out only 2.6 times larger than the Sun.

Perhaps it was a star or a second hole. In the first case, the body weight is too large, and in the second – small. To this day, experts cannot unravel the secrets of that strange and mysterious incident. It is possible that new physics may be required to explain all the processes.


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