The Chinese found an unexplained oddity in the study of lunar soil samples

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the Middle Kingdom were able to compare the lunar soil samples that were delivered by the Americans in 1969 and the Chinese interplanetary station Chang’e-5 quite recently. As a result, an oddity was discovered that casts doubt on the landing on our natural satellite in 1969.

During the comparison, significant differences were observed in the samples. The opinion about the falsification of the American mission has been around for a long time. In those days, there was a real race between the USSR and the United States for space exploration.

Interestingly, the Soviet Union was winning: it launched a satellite first, and then sent a man. Not to be outdone, the United States organized the Apollo mission to the moon, after which not a single person has ever set foot on our natural satellite.

Chinese scientists noted that the differences may be due to different sampling locations. Perhaps in 1969, the Americans delivered non-lunar soil, according to Sina. So far, we cannot speak categorically and blame America for deception.


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