The cause of the occurrence of a common brain disease

(ORDO NEWS) — At Massachusetts General Hospital, researchers have uncovered new facts about Alzheimer’s disease. They found out how the beta-amyloid protein is made in the body. It is he who plays a key role in the development of a dangerous ailment. 

Russian scientists have created a chemical brain

Until recently, scientists remained completely unaware of the causes of the onset of a fatal form of dementia. Now it became clear that beta-amyloid is formed in the axons of neurons and structures involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. 

A trigger protein is formed as follows: a higher fatty acid residue is attached to a normal protein cell. The process of joining is called palmitization. It is very difficult to understand the processes of the body at the cellular level. 

But in the course of the experiment, scientists recreated three-dimensional cultures of nerve cells, which were a kind of model of the human brain. In the process of impulse transmission in nerve cells, rafts are involved: ER membranes (MAM). It turned out that rafts are involved in the creation of a dangerous protein. But if you block them, then you can stop the beginnings of the process of the onset of fatal dementia.

To reduce the production of the pathogenic protein, a medication that blocks S1R receptors was used. They are involved in the assembly of MAM. The results of the experiment were pleasing. The blocking was successful. Now they plan to implement this experiment in life in order to stop a dangerous illness.


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