The cause of the abnormal heat on Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — There are a huge number of versions as to why there is an abnormal heat on Jupiter. But still, most experts today are inclined to believe that the cause is precisely the aurora.

Recent research has shown that it can provide Jupiter with the necessary amount of energy, but it also warms up the upper atmosphere too much. Reported by Big Think.

Jupiter is located at a fairly large distance from the Sun, but at the same time it has a lot of heat. For a long time, experts have tried to establish the cause of such a discrepancy.

During the study, the experts used data obtained using the Keck II telescope and satellites. They found that the gas giant has such a powerful aurora borealis that it is capable of rapidly heating the upper atmosphere to anomalous temperatures.

Jupiter’s upper atmosphere has a temperature that reaches 73 degrees. At the same time, the planet receives the minimum amount of solar heat. Sometimes the temperature rises even more. The maximum indicators recorded are 426 degrees.

Other versions of such anomalous heat include acoustic waves that come from the core of Jupiter or gravitational waves that provide the required amount of energy.


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