The cause of the abnormal frosts and believe that it will only get worse in the future

(ORDO NEWS) — In recent years, the climate around the world has changed dramatically. The incredibly severe frosts and snowfalls that were recorded some time ago, according to experts, were caused by global warming.

Some people don’t understand how warming can cause it to get colder so dramatically, but climatologists at the University of Potsdam have been able to pinpoint the reasons for this strange change.

As a result of global warming, the amount of ice in Antarctica and the Arctic has decreased significantly. It was snow and ice that reflected incoming sunlight.

Now the Sun, without any obstacles, heats the water in the oceans, which makes the cyclones weaker. It is worth noting that cyclones previously held back the cold in the atmosphere of our planet, but now they have become too weak to perform this function.

At the same time, the ice continues to melt further, and the speed of the process is increasing all the time. The scientists said that last spring, temperatures in the Arctic were almost 10 degrees higher than usual. As a result, the ice began to melt not only faster, but even earlier.

If the situation does not change, it will only get worse, and already in the 21st century, the sea level as a result of melting glaciers may rise by 1 meter. This will lead to the fact that a huge number of coastal areas in different countries will be flooded.


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