The Caspian Sea will definitely disappear. That’s why

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists investigated the state of the reservoir and were horrified: its existence is in serious danger. This will also affect the coast of Russia.

According to new data, the water level in the Caspian Sea is decreasing at a rate of 6-7 centimeters per year – this is really fast, the researchers note. According to their calculations, at such a rate by the end of the century the water level will drop by 9-18 m, which will reduce the area of ​​the reservoir by about a third.

Before that, scientists had already talked about the problems of the Caspian Sea, but early climate models showed a more favorable situation – the decrease in water level in these models was estimated to be two times less. The new study showed more accurate predictions based on the current situation: the area of ​​the Caspian Sea will shrink by 23% with a drop in water level by 9 m and by 34% with a drop in water level by 18 m.

It is expected that the consequences of a decrease in the level of the Caspian Sea will lead to a complete reorganization of ecosystems and threaten the unique biota of the Caspian, which has developed in the basin for millions of years. Biota is a historically formed set of species of living organisms united by a common habitat.

In addition, changes in water levels can affect the local economy, which also depends on fishing and shipping. It will also exacerbate the problem of water scarcity. All of this can provoke local and regional conflicts in an ethnically diverse region, the researchers note.

The lack of public and political awareness of the inevitable lowering of the Caspian Sea level applies equally to changes in other water bodies. These changes are caused or exacerbated by global warming. Many scientific studies of the past have raised concerns about the gradual disappearance of lakes and inland seas in all regions of the world.


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