The camera captures a white ghost slipping through the railing

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In Elkhorn in Omaha, Nebraska (USA), the camera recorded something incredible. Web users who believe in the paranormal believe that the “spirit of a dead person” was captured on the footage, which flew over the street and then entered the house.

A strange vaporous substance fell into the frame at the moment when it slipped through a dark street in front of the house. The recording from the surveillance camera installed on the doorbell was published by a video blogger on the Web.

According to the video blogger, this “ghostly fog” does not at all look like a moth, which is a frequent culprit of such anomalous phenomena. He also believes that this cannot be a piece of garbage developing in the wind. The video does not show wind at all, which can be judged by the motionless leaves of trees and plants in pots.

Some of the commentators suggested that these were “spirits of dead people,” who sought shelter under cover of darkness. Others felt that this “ghost” was clearly flying for a specific purpose. According to other users, it was an ordinary insect, which in the camera usually looks blurry, foggy.


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