The brightest comet in the last 23 years appeared in the sky (VIDEO from ISS)

(ORDO NEWS) — The comet Neowise approaching the Earth will become perhaps the most striking space event in the last twenty years. This space object can be observed with the naked eye. This was reported by the information publication SkyLandTelescope.

Earthlings could observe a similar astronomical phenomenon in 1997, when Hale-Bopp comet was visible to the naked eye for 18 months. Of course, in 2020 there were two objects that attracted attention – Atlas and Swan, but they collapsed and disappeared. Now, Comet C / 2020 F3 (Neowise) will delight its appearance in the sky.

Neowise survived its maximum rapprochement with the Sun on Friday July 3, having experienced the heat of the sun and remained intact. Most comets are not able to withstand such a rapprochement and are destroyed.

Some amateur astronomers have already begun to post on the Web their colorful pictures of a comet appearing over the horizon at sunrise from July 5 to 11.

brightest comet brightest comet 2

Starting from July 12 to July 23, Neowise can be observed in the evening, as this is due to its approach to the Earth and its distance from the Sun.

There are two types of comets in the solar system – short-period and long-period. The former mainly come from the Kuiper belt and have a circulation period of about 200 years.

These objects are real centenarians, since they can come close to our luminary many times and leave it intact. Long-period comets, most often coming from the Oort cloud, in most cases are not able to survive the heating of the Sun.

Admire the stunning video frames of Comet Neowise captured at sunrise by the ISS camera.


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