The brain blocks certain information on its own

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from China managed to find out that the human brain chooses which information to remember and which to remove from memory. At the same time, attention is almost always focused on foreign objects and factors.

Chinese researchers conducted an experiment, during which it turned out that a person tends to forget the most important things and remember less useful information. Volunteers of different gender, height and age were invited.

For the study, the volunteers were asked to remember some of the properties of the objects presented to them. At the same time, it turned out that they remembered completely different properties.

This information indicates that at the unconscious level, a person often confuses important information with extraneous and useless information. At the same time, it was previously believed that a person independently and consciously chooses information useful for him to memorize. However, recent research has disproved early speculations.

Experts note that the new information will help in the field of forensic science or help in the treatment of various diseases, including those related to human mental health.


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