The boy eats only yoghurts and white bread due to a rare phobia

(ORDO NEWS) — As a child grows, it is very important that his diet is as balanced as possible. At the same time, not everyone can afford adequate nutrition, even if there are no financial problems.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

For example, Ashton Fisher, who is 12 years old, has been consuming exclusively white bread and yoghurts with a banana or strawberry flavor for ten years. The reason for this diet is that the child is terribly afraid of food. All other foods provoke true panic attacks in Ashton, which he cannot control.

The boy’s mother said that they were very worried when it all began, because the child’s body did not receive the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities. However, he could not physically consume other food.

Due to the fact that Ashton cannot normally react even to the smell of food, the family never had get-togethers or general gatherings of the holidays. The boy never ate at the school cafeteria or at a party. But due to the fact that Ashton really wants not to stand out from the background of society, he began to realize that his diet is not normal.

When the boy told his parents that he wanted to overcome his phobia, his parents immediately made an appointment with a psychotherapist who treats eating disorders. After some time, Ashton tried several new products, although not the most useful ones. Today, his diet consists not only of yoghurts with white bread, but also chips, chicken nuggets and sandwiches exclusively with ham.


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