The Black Knight rushed by near the ISS at high speed

(ORDO NEWS) — Ufologists and other experts are interested in a strange flying object, which, most likely, is located in near-earth orbit. Some of them believe that the ISS camera was able to capture the “Black Knight” known to many.

On November 14, a video was published on the YouTube channel Doco Mister, which showed how UFOs fly past the International Space Station at very high speed. Initially, you can see a spherical object, further behind it is a cylinder-shaped object.

Independent experts suggested that it could be a NASA launch vehicle or ordinary space junk. At the same time, it may be something completely different, which scientists do not even suspect. Ufologists are sure that the video recorded ships that belong to aliens and they began to gradually reveal themselves to humanity.

Some of the users who watched the video were able to see the brilliance of the well-known satellite of the Earth, which was named “Black Knight”. Today, about two thousand orbiting satellites revolve around our planet, which are active and about three thousand of those that have stopped working. Therefore, the camera could, in principle, capture any of these satellites.

“Black Knight”, according to UFOlogy, is a huge fragment of a starship belonging to aliens. It rotates in orbit around our planet in order to observe people and their activities. It is believed that Nikola Tesla first noticed the “Black Knight” in 1899. This happened 60 years before the first artificial satellite was launched into Earth’s orbit.


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