The biosphere of the Earth is in a “depressive” state

(ORDO NEWS) — In September 2020, a new report “Living Planet” was released, in which 134 authors from 25 corners of the planet reflected the current state of the biosphere. They focused on the terrible changes that occur every year.

The planet’s biosphere was analyzed by experts from the World Wildlife Fund. The time frame was chosen from 1970 to 2016. Biodiversity implies the level of complexity of the biosphere, its resistance to external factors, and richness. The report came out with a lot of statistics that are scary.

75% of the planet’s territory, which is not under age-old ice, has undergone significant changes. There are no clean seas and oceans in the world: absolutely all are polluted at different levels and depths. Every fifth species of plants and every third species of freshwater animals is slowly dying.

The number of vertebrates, which includes birds, fish, mammals, etc., has decreased by 68%. It is impossible to count absolutely all species, so the scientists missed bacteria and shellfish.

The biosphere suffers the most from agriculture. A third of the planet’s territory has been devoted to fields, 80% of forests have been cut down, and humans consume 70% of freshwater resources. Our region is characterized by the following problems: 57.9% – a radical change in the habitats of animals, 19.7% – the human influence on the biosphere (hunting, fishing, poaching), 10.9% – diseases, 7.5% – pollution, and 4 % – climate change.

In recent years, the economy of mankind has grown 4 times, international trade – 10 times, the population – 2 times, life expectancy has increased by 15 years. To achieve these results, 56% more resources were used. It is difficult to imagine what the future holds for humanity.


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