The asteroid “God of Chaos” is approaching the Earth at great speed

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the latest observations of specialists, Apophis is approaching our planet – an asteroid that has already managed to make noise in the past. This time, the approach will take place at a safe distance, while the next time it is possible for a space body to fall.

Dozens of telescopes are already watching the body. Apophis is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos. It is not hard to guess why the asteroid received such a name. The convergence is expected on the night of March 5-6, 2021. So far, there is nothing to worry about, but what to do in the near future is an open question.

The object was first seen in 2004, it was attributed to the Aton group of asteroids. The fragment is 370 meters long; the body makes a complete revolution around the Sun in 324 days. Approaching the Earth occurs once every decade.

The upcoming approach will be characterized by a distance 40 times greater than the lunar orbit. On April 13, 2029, Apophis will fly up to a distance of 31.2 thousand km. It can be seen with the naked eye. Even if a fall does not occur, satellites and other equipment may malfunction.


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