The artist took 84 thousand dollars for blank canvases and called it a work of art

(ORDO NEWS) — Danish artist Jens Hanning, who is quite popular today, has signed a contract with the KUNSTEN museum for 84 thousand dollars. The man embezzled the money, and as a result, he exhibited completely empty canvases. However, he added that taking money is also to some extent a real work of art.

Reported by DK.

The contract stated that the artist had to paint again his work, which he had submitted earlier. The painting showed two glass frames that were filled with money. The frames were some kind of symbols and showed what is the average income in Austria and Denmark.

Instead of painting a picture, Hanning sent just blank canvases. His installation was titled Take the Money and Run. Under the terms of the contract, the artist must now return the money to the museum after the exhibition ends. In turn, the man claims that he will not return anything, and the installation presented by him is in fact a kind of protest against the reward offered to him by KUNSTEN.

Hanning said that he had to spend almost 4 thousand dollars to reproduce his own work. Therefore, he felt that he could show a picture that directly depicts his financial situation. Museum director Lasse Anderson noted that the work is quite interesting, but the contract did not mention the appropriation of money by Hanning, so he must return it.


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