The American brought her son to do a test for COVID-19 in luggage

(ORDO NEWS) — A US resident was accused of creating a threat to the life of her child, because she brought him for a coronavirus test in the trunk of her own car.

The journalists provided information that on January 3, the woman arrived at the testing center with her son, but the child was in the trunk of the car.

Bevin Gordon, who is the district director of health services, was interviewing drivers that were waiting in line to take a test that day. It was she who informed the police that one of the women was holding a child in the trunk.

It is noted that Sarah Beam, who turned 42, told Gordon that she wanted to check the health of her son, who was in the trunk at that moment.

The woman added that the boy had previously been diagnosed with the virus, so she did her best to isolate the child during this trip. Thus, she hoped not to get infected with the coronavirus if the child was really sick.

Gordon told the American woman to open the trunk. There was indeed a boy in it. The specialist said that testing will be carried out only if the child sits in the back seat of the car.

After that, a call was made to the police. After Gordon returned to the car, she discovered that Sarah Beam had transplanted her son into the back seat. The way the child climbed out of the trunk and sat inside the car was recorded by CCTV cameras.

The police, who quickly arrived at the scene of the incident, conducted their own investigation and arrested the woman. As it was found out, Sarah Beam works as a teacher.

She was charged with creating a situation in which the child was in danger. It also became known that the American was sent on administrative leave, which usually ends in the United States with dismissal.


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