The age of the remains of a whale found near the Vernadsky station has been established

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the National Antarctic Science Center carried out a radiocarbon analysis of the remains of a whale, which were found some time ago directly on the island of Rasmussen, which is located in Antarctica.

They were found near the well-known station “Vernadsky”. The Center presented this on its Facebook page.

The analysis was carried out in the laboratory of Poznan, Poland. Experts managed to establish that the approximate age of these remains is about 1350 years.

However, they allow a slight error of 30 years. Scientists have emphasized the fact that the animal died in the 7th century, when the Mayan and Viking civilization existed.

The remains found in Antarctica belong to the southern subspecies of the blue whale. Experts examined his jaw and found that the length of the animal reached at least 26 meters.

This discovery plays a very important role, because very few skeletons belonging to blue whales can be found in museums around the world. In this case, animals belong to a perfect other subspecies.

The researchers want to establish exactly what these animals were like before the mass hunting began on them.

In the future, scientists plan to carry out additional genetic analysis of these remains, which will help to obtain additional information about their evolution.


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