The ability to select spermatozoa was found in female eggs

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists in the framework of the study found in female eggs the ability to “choose” sperm. Work was carried out by employees of Stockholm University and the NHS Foundation Trust, operating at the University of Manchester.

A person spends a lot of time and effort in the search for a couple. Moreover, a new study argues in favor of the fact that the choice of a partner does not stop even after sexual intercourse. In the course of the work, its authors tried to find out what is the reaction of sperm to the follicular fluid of females.

As it turned out, in the process of fertilization the egg is able to “attract” sperm in order to increase the chances of conception, but this does not always happen. In particular, when comparing the fluid from several females, it turned out that they better attracted sperm not from the same ones, but from different males.

Such findings serve as evidence that in humans, the interaction between the eggs and sperm cells is dependent on the physiology of the partners, and not directly on the choice.

That is, the egg does not always “approve” the man chosen by the hostess. She is looking for either genetically compatible or high-quality sperm. The work will help suggest new ways to treat infertility and explain some obscure cases of inability to get pregnant.


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