The ability of masks to slow the spread of coronavirus by 40%

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Masks can slow the spread of coronavirus by 40%, a study by scientists in Germany showed. In one of the cities, among the first to make masks mandatory, the number of diseases decreased by a quarter in 20 days. When compared with other cities, efficiency can be even higher.

Facial masks help fight the spread of coronavirus and can slow it down by 40%, according to a study by a group of scientists from Germany. They drew attention to the experience of the city of Jena in the federal state of Thuringia: he was one of the first to make wearing masks mandatory. After 20 days, the number of new cases in the city decreased by 25%, and then fell to almost zero. However, most other settlements in Thuringia and other German lands introduced masks a few days or weeks later, and the infection continued to spread there, the document says. He was noticed by Bloomberg.

In general, depending on the region, masks reduced the total number of reported cases of COVID-19 by 2.3-13% within 10 days after they became mandatory. In total, scientists collected data from 401 regions of Germany. “We find in the most reliable and convincing statistical evidence that wearing masks in public places in Jena greatly reduced the number of infections. <…> The incidence rate among people over 60 is even more significant – more than 50%,” the authors write

Researchers compared the situation in Jena before and after the introduction of mandatory masks with average results in groups in other German cities, which represent the same demographic sample. In larger cities, the effect of the masks was even more noticeable.

Masks can be a relatively inexpensive way to limit the spread of coronavirus, and although in some regions it is difficult to determine the effect of wearing masks, the results of the study still indicate their effectiveness, the authors concluded.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 186,933 coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Germany. This is less than in France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Russia. In Germany, 8780 people died from the virus.


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