The 3 worst scenario for Putin in Ukraine

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(ORDO NEWS) — Today, the main question for everyone is how far Russian leader Vladimir Putin can go in Ukraine, writes Hürriyet. According to the author, the most harmless scenario can be considered if the Donbass returns to the borders of 2014. Moreover, the journalist called “the worst scenario” that Russia could implement, but does not provide any evidence.

As fighting continues in the region during Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces are reported to have carried out at least 203 attacks on the country. In connection with Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, three possible scenarios are being considered.

A separate topic for discussion is where Moscow’s invasion is heading. And the most curious thing is how far Russian leader Vladimir Putin will go and where he will stop…

Military experts are considering three possible scenarios.

The most innocent plan: Donbass will return to the borders of 2014?

Putin, figuratively speaking, having upset the negotiating table and commanded his military to act, may again return to diplomacy if conditions change in his favor. Under this plan, Putin, who struck military targets across Ukraine yesterday, Feb. 24 and reached Kiev from the north, will open a channel of diplomacy when the Donbas separatists reach their 2014 borders.

Second plan: completely cut off Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea

Putin can carry out the “Russian world” plan to the end. In this regard, starting from the Donbass, the Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Odessa regions in the south will be gradually occupied and advancement will be ensured to Transnistria, controlled by Russian separatists, in Moldova. In the north, the cities of Kharkov and Sumy will be taken under control. If this plan is implemented, Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea will be completely cut off.

Worst plan: to occupy all of Ukraine

Putin completely annexes Ukraine. The ground operation, which began in the Donbass, will continue for about ten days with a tightening grip from three directions. In the first week of March, before Russian troops enter Kiev, the Ukrainian elite, having lost hope in the Zelensky administration, will switch sides and prefer to negotiate with Russia. The current administration in Kiev, which will be dismissed in a coup d’état, will be replaced by a puppet government under Moscow’s control. In this case, there is a danger of a protracted civil war.

Putin, despite all the threats of sanctions from the West, declared war on Ukraine. So what does the Moscow boss really want? According to Russian political observers, the answer to this question lies in the speech of the Russian leader last Monday, February 21, on the recognition of the independence of Donbass.

Putin’s goals

Based on this, Putin has three main goals:

Put an end to “Minsk”. The first is to resolve the Donbass crisis in favor of Moscow by terminating the Minsk agreements, in which Russia also participated for eight years.

Do not cede Ukraine to the West. The second is to prove that Russia under no circumstances intends to cede Ukraine to the West, risking a world war if necessary, and keep this country in its orbit as its backyard.

NATO retaliation. The third important goal of Putin is to give an answer to the NATO alliance and, above all, the United States. According to analysts, Putin seeks to prove by force that Ukraine will never be a member of NATO and Russia will not allow the deployment of NATO infrastructure in this country.


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