That’s why you wince at the lemon it saves lives

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(ORDO NEWS) — It is impossible to overdo it with sour – even a small slice of lemon will make a person make a face. But why exactly is this happening?

Lime is more acidic than lemon because lime has more citric acid. Like this.

If you hit your little finger on the nightstand, there will be an unequivocal reaction; The same goes for tart foods. A particularly sour taste will make the face wrinkle with the “discomfort” experienced.

But who would have known that for human helplessness in front of the attraction to make a face, one should thank evolution.

When the ancient ancestors of modern humans foraged for food, a sudden grimace most likely meant that the food taken in the genus is not good, as it can be dangerous to health.

Thats why you wince at the lemon it saves lives 2

How it works

For example, an ancient man tried an apple from the ground: the astringency of a rotten fruit will be many times stronger – which means that the “recoil” will be stronger, that is, a person will grimacing more than usual.

This, in the end, will save him from possible diseases. This unmistakable tingle in the taste buds is a product of hydrogen ions released by acids when they interact with saliva.

When the mouth detects this sign of acid, it relays information to the brain in a dramatic way, causing an acute reaction. So, the taste buds light up, and the face involuntarily curves in the so-called rejection reaction.

The reaction of the tongue to bitter or spicy food is also a reaction of rejection. Many naturally occurring plants with this taste are poisonous, and the body’s strong reaction is a way to protect itself from harm. High acidity is inherent in citrus fruits, but in many other foods it can be a warning of danger.


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