Thanks to the epidemic: the future came ten years earlier

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Empty streets, exhausted patients, heroism of medical workers and emergency measures of the governments of different countries – this is the foreground of the picture created by the epidemic of coronavirus. In the background is the suspension of the film and tourism industry, a halt to the development of traditional professions and the prosperity of the Internet.

All this reflects changes in the world brought by the epidemic.

Widespread restriction of movement, closure of borders and isolation seem to return people to the Middle Ages. A world industrial reorganization is inevitable. Closer attention to “sovereign globalization”, aimed at our own cultural characteristics and localized solutions, may persist even after the end of the epidemic.

Within each country, everything that can be realized without contact between people becomes an urgent need of the people. The big push was the development of non-contact industries.

Robots, artificial intelligence, autonomous electronic commerce, unmanned aerial vehicles, online conferences, image recognition and other industries have entered the development stream. Involuntarily, you begin to think that if robots, remote work technologies and 3D printing become more advanced, then to lay a global chain of manufacturing industry it will not be necessary to cross countries and oceans.

In fact, contactless life is the development of artificial intelligence to human abilities, it is a tendency of the future. On the one hand, this can help people strengthen their ability to receive information through the network, and on the other, they can quickly increase the efficiency of communication with the outside world. Unlimited communication has further expanded the circle of spiritual life of people during the epidemic.

As most of the business data and processes are corralled into ERP systems these days, businesses could align separate departments and improve workflows within it. Evolution of technologies with respect to Enterprise Resource Planning systems, provided by consultancy services such as Syte Consulting Group ( could also see the use of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence in the future. As new improvements happen every day, business insights can be gathered with the help of such tools for firms planning to adapt to the growing technology.

At the same time, every time when artificial intelligence replaces a certain ability of a person, this causes the withering of this ability. Therefore, if a person cannot expand his space at the spiritual level, the value of the social function will be significantly reduced.

The epidemic accelerated the tendency to life in the era of artificial intelligence without interpersonal contacts. To some extent, this can lead to unemployment, which should occur some time after robots begin to replace humans on a large scale. In the future, during the proliferation of robots, some people will support their lives through minimal social security, offset by robots or artificial intelligence. The epidemic accelerated the onset of this day.

As for our daily life, according to statistics for February of this year, daily pastime on the Internet increased from four hours, as it was in June last year, to eight hours. This was supposed to happen ten years later, but we have reached a critical point now. This also means that in addition to the eight hours we spend sleeping every day, eight of the remaining sixteen we spend on the Internet, and this is more than our pastime in real life.

The epidemic pushed us ahead of time to move on to life in virtual reality. In particular, the elderly and people far from the Internet began to actively replenish the ranks of Internet users. Thanks to the basic supply of water and electricity, the popularization of Internet business at home and the full provision of network information,

The fight against the epidemic of coronavirus includes three stages – detection, isolation, prevention and control. In this process, much attention is given to big data. Integration of various sources of information using Big Data technology allows you to organize and process the identification information of people, their actions, trajectory of movement and health status. We can say that this is the first case in the history of mankind combining data of a nationwide nature, and such unification is based on user authorization.

The continuous development of the epidemic will lead to the further development of big data technology and improve the ability of people to use big data to understand society. Thus, the current environment is facilitating the penetration of big data into the vulnerable private life of society.

The epidemic of coronavirus infection accelerated the onset of many events that were supposed to happen in the future. This kind of acceleration has significantly increased many of the risks that we must respond to with the help of more advanced information transparency mechanisms. At the same time, it brought many development opportunities that should have appeared only after ten years. This requires us to take early action to adjust concepts and prepare strategies.


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