Thai man caught sea creature with twenty tentacles

(ORDO NEWS) — The incident happened during a fishing trip: a Thai resident named Desi Sichai caught a frightening creature that had as many as 20 limbs. As it turned out later, the creation is familiar to science, and its name is not as frightening as its appearance.

People have studied the flora and fauna of the land quite well, but every time they are surprised at the intricate marine creatures. The ocean continues to harbor many unknown animals. An experienced fisherman got acquainted with one of the inhabitants of the depths, however, as it turned out, this was already a studied animal.

A black creature with twenty tentacles fell into the fishing net. The appearance was so awful that the man threw the net to the ground. After a while, curiosity got the better of it, so the man raised the animal with a stick to take a picture.

At first, the fisherman decided that a branch had fallen into the net. However, suddenly the “twig” began to move. Against the background of a strong fear, Desi Sichai even had an idea to burn something, but in the end, the man did not take the life of the “stranger”.

The fisherman showed the pictures to his friends, and they helped to determine who the “alien” was. So, the crinoidea – sea lily – got into the net. These creatures live at different depths, but in most cases – up to 200 meters. Animals are most often found in warm latitudes on coral reefs.

Outwardly, the creature resembles a cup, from which tentacles diverge in different directions. The legs help the sea line filter the water, catching plankton in it. Some species have a branch to securely attach to the bottom.

Although the crinoidea turned out to be not dangerous, the fisherman does not want to see her a second time.


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