Text mentioning the biblical king Hezekiah found in Jerusalem

(ORDO NEWS) — In Israel, archaeologist Eli Shukron and Haifa University professor Gershon Galil discovered an inscription on a stone in a tunnel under Jerusalem’s City of David.

According to the Biblical Archaeological Society, the deciphered fragment of this inscription contains a mention of the biblical king Hezekiah.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the find was made in a tunnel that played a very important role in ancient times.

Water was delivered to Jerusalem through it from a source outside the city, when the city itself was under siege and it was impossible to get out of it in any other way. In a word, it was a secret passage.

It was in it that a piece of limestone was found with a text dating back to the eighth century BC. Archaeologists suggest that it was part of a much larger site.

The fragment contains six letters written in Paleo-Hebrew script – two lines of three letters each.

The letters in the first line indicate that they were part of a word known as “Hizkihv” or “Hizkiyahu”. So the name Hezekiah was written, which belonged to the famous biblical king.

In addition, an earlier print of the seal of King Hezekiah was discovered during excavations at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount.

The decoding of the second line led the experts to the opinion that it told about the purpose of the tunnel.

The text probably told that the fresh water flowing through the tunnel of Hezekiah flowed into the well-known pool of Siloam.


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