Tests of an electromagnetic rifle showed on video

(ORDO NEWS) — The idea of ​​a Gauss gun continues to excite the minds of enthusiasts who present all new projects. Weapon expert tested Gauss gun from Arc Flash Labs startup

The American startup Arc Flash Labs has gone from opening pre-orders for its Gauss gun to delivering the finished device to customers in six months.

For more than three thousand dollars, Arc Flash Labs GR-1 buyers become owners of a gadget that occupies an intermediate position between toys and full-fledged weapons.

This conclusion was made by the author of the popular YouTube channel Forgotten Weapons, weapons expert Ian McCollum, who received a new development for testing.

The Gauss gun has eight high-voltage electromagnets, capacitors and several lithium polymer batteries with a total power of 1000 W, which provide muzzle energy of the order of 75 m / s for steel “cartridges” placed in a 10-round magazine.

Parts of the Arc Flash Labs GR-1 are made of plastic, and individual elements are printed on a 3D printer, which reduced the mass of the device to a weight approximately corresponding to the weight of a conventional gun.In this case, ordinary steel fasteners or pieces of reinforcement can be used as shells with a Gauss gun.

Previously, Popular Mechanics has already talked about the principles of a cannon capable of throwing a variety of projectiles at a speed at the level of a firearm, and now Ian McCollum has demonstrated this in action.

The expert came to the conclusion that the electromagnetic field could pose a potential threat to people with medical implants, and the very energy of the GR-1 flying out of Arc Flash Labs could be dangerous for all other people in the path of the projectiles.


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