Test: how do you see the post-containment future?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — It seems that one day this confinement will stop (I have a doubt, but good). And so that we can come out of our house, talk with people other than those with whom we share our miasma and / or part of our genetic material.

So what will happen? Will we resume life where we left off? (That is, for me eating a burger at the Extra Old Café with my best friend with an existential sigh?) ​​Or are we going to change our lives? But in this case, on an individual or collective level? Or are we going to go through these changes like barely consenting puppets? Should we change jobs? Housing? Spouse? Of country? From mainland? An economic system?

To find out how you see the future, choose three answers from this list. The majority of your symbols will tell you what your future is and what your Beatles song is.

A. I hope we will stop kissing anyone anytime soon.

B. Since it is announced that the supermarkets have decided to offer French fruits and vegetables as a priority to help farmers, I think that will continue afterwards.

D. The government will adopt liberticide laws without limitation of duration.

C. I decided to change my way of shopping. I promise that I will always have a stock of PQ in advance and some canned food. Maybe even one night, I will dig a silo in the children’s garden to bury flour there.

A. I hope we will do as in Asian countries, we will get into the habit of wearing a mask as soon as we are sick and everyone has finally understood that we cough in the elbow.

E. My real concern is how I will pay my expenses for the next six months when I no longer earn a kopeck. It will be very tense. It is especially my bank account which is confined if you want my opinion.

F. We will increase the wages of those who do useful work for society.

A. I hope that there will be an awareness and that we will be authorized to buy the pill without prescription up to date, as during confinement.

B. We will limit the movement of people between countries.

D. I changed my mind about sharing personal data. Frankly, I’m in favor of sharing health information at the state level if it can save lives. Look in South Korea, it was super efficient, it still saved them confinement.

C. I am selling my Haussmann apartment whose price per square meter will collapse anyway to buy a country house with a garden but not too far from a hosto. Either way, Airbnb is over .

F. The governments of the past ten years will be held accountable, they will be brought to justice if necessary. They dismantled the hospital.

A. There will be a very clear before and after regarding hand washing. We finally learned when, how and why to wash our hands.

F. We are going to divide the number of meetings by 5 because we understand that most of them are useless.

C. Big change at home: I buy a bread machine.

B. We are going to relocate the production of a set of products, notably drugs and medical equipment. It served us as a lesson.

D. I will buy more connected products (speaker, fridge, watch) because it is still very practical.

E. Your concerns about bobos-slatos are nice, but I would remind you that we are mainly heading towards a dramatic economic crisis. Unemployment will explode. Companies will go bankrupt.

A. I think we will start calling again.

G. I spend my days printing Pokémon coloring pages, leave me alone with your suck-me-the-mold questions.

You have a majority of:

A. You think nothing will really change. Life will resume for the worse and the better.
Your Beatles song is “Nothing’s gonna change my world”.

B. For you, the current crisis is coupled with the ecological crisis and will force us to practice a form of de-globalization, to refocus on the scale of the country. But we still don’t know if it will be with Nicolas Hulot or Marine Le Pen.
Your Beatles song is “Strawberry fields forever”.

C. You are a survivalist. For you, this confinement was only an exercise which allowed you to put yourself in a situation to identify your weak points. A kind of rehearsal to be ready on the day of the Great Catastrophe.
Your Beatles song is “Dear Prudence”.

D. Whether you fear it or want it, you think the biggest change this crisis will bring is acceptance of a digital surveillance company – whether state-run or / and / in collaboration with large private companies .
Your Beatles song is “Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey”.

E. Hay of discussion, what awaits us is a sacred economic crisis. (From there, you can of course just as easily think that the system always ends up repairing itself and continuing, or that we are going to end up with a radical paradigm shift.)
Your Beatles song is “Taxman”.

F. We are witnessing the last upheavals of a dying society and system. The ecological crisis was already destabilizing it, the health crisis will have its skin.
Your Beatles song is “Revolution”.

G. I’m fed up. I don’t know what’s going to happen except that I’m going to end up banging my head against the walls because I can’t take this damn confinement anymore. Your Beatles song is “Help!”.



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