TESS telescope has discovered an exoplanet with an orbital period of 22 hours

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet with a short orbital period.

TESS is a dedicated exoplanet search satellite. It is unable to get a direct image of them – instead, the device captures the slightest fluctuations in the brightness of a star as the planet passes over its disk. The discovery of such periodic darkening is considered the discovery of the planet.

Felipe Murgas from the Spanish University of La Laguna and his colleagues have discovered another such planet. It is located in the HD 20329 system, 207 light years away from the Sun. The parent star has a mass of 90% solar and belongs to the same spectral type as the Sun.

The planet HD 20329 b has a radius of 1.72 Earth‘s and is about 7.42 times as massive as our planet, which means that its average density is 8.06 g/cm2.

The orbital period is 22.2 hours, and the distance from the star to the planet is 1.8% of the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

The temperature of the planet is approximately 2000K – many times hotter than on Venus or Mercury. Thus, HD 20329 b is a planet with an ultrashort orbital period. In total, astronomers know about 120 such objects.


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