TESS telescope discovers rare exoplanet

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of scientists using the TESS telescope has discovered a new exoplanet. It belongs to a rare type of “hot sub-Neptune”, according to Phys.org.

The planet was named TOI-2196 b. Calculations by astronomers have shown that it is smaller than Neptune, but 50% more massive, has high temperatures and is rich in volatile substances.

The object is located close to its star, making a complete revolution in 1.2 Earth days. Its surface is heated up to 1860 K (more than 1500 degrees Celsius).

Scientists have even managed to reconstruct the approximate evolutionary history of TOI-2196 b. According to them, it was formed as a relatively small, but saturated with volatile substances planet and remains so to this day, although at the beginning of its existence it could significantly lose in mass.

Interestingly, the host star of the planet is very similar to the Sun. It has a similar size and mass, as well as age (about 4.5 billion years).

Scientists have suggested that another planet can also rotate around this star. But in order to detect it, long-term monitoring is required.

Recall that TESS explores 200,000 stars close to the Sun to search for exoplanets. The telescope has identified 5800 candidate planets, the existence of 580 of them has been firmly proven.


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