Tesla plans to start production of Optimus humanoid robot in 2023

(ORDO NEWS) — Elon Musk for the first time called the production timeline for the Tesla Optimus project, a humanoid robot capable of performing various tasks.

The Tesla CEO believes that the company will be able to launch an ambitious project as early as next year. The deadline is very tight, even for the ambitious Musk.

When Tesla announced the “Tesla Bot” project last year, Elon Musk said the company would be able to build a robot using existing developments resulting from Tesla’s self-driving technology.

At the time, the robot didn’t seem to be a priority for Tesla, and many saw it mostly as a recruiting tool as the automaker tried to beef up its AI development team to create a complete autonomous driving system.

A few months later, the priority level of the project quickly increased. Musk announced that Tesla will focus on developing the Tesla Bot product, which it now calls Optimus, in 2022, and will put some electric vehicle projects on the back burner.

During the Tesla Cyber ​​Rodeo event (taking place today in the US), Musk said: the robot will “reverse our understanding of what the economy is… it will be able to do basically everything that people don’t want to do. He will do everything.

The era of abundance will come. It may be hard to imagine, but when you see Optimus evolve and we make sure he is a safe robot and not a terminator, he will change the world more than cars.”


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