Tesla lied about the capabilities of its autonomous electric vehicles

(ORDO NEWS) — Ashoka Elluswami, Tesla’s Autopilot Software Director, said the Tesla Model X electric vehicle featured in the company’s 2016 commercial was driving along a predetermined route.

The goal was to popularize the Autopilot autonomous driving system.

The truth was learned during the trial of the fatal accident that occurred in March 2018. It is believed that the accident happened due to the fault of the autopilot.

For unknown reasons, the automation did not turn on the brakes and the electric car crashed into a road fence and caught fire.

During the investigation, it turned out that the company’s popular 2016 commercial, which demonstrated the capabilities of the autopilot, was either entirely or at least partly staged.

Elon Musk repeatedly showed this video as an example of the complete autonomy of an electric car and called the driver behind the wheel a “legal formality.”

However, Tesla employee Ashoka Elluswami, who worked at the company as an engineer in 2016, admitted that the function of braking the car at a red traffic light shown in the video did not exist at that time, it was implemented later.


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