Tesla has released branded tequila

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(ORDO NEWS) — Elon Musk expands the scope of his market interests and this time the businessman has become an alcohol producer.

Despite the fact that alcohol and cars are incompatible things, Elon Musk was not stopped by this from releasing tequila under the Tesla brand.

Elon Musk, who founded the Tesla car company and the space company SpaceX, has a huge following among fans of cars, space and new technologies. And now connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol will join them, because tequila has appeared in the Tesla product line.

Tesla’s partner in the new project was Nosotros Tequila, a company specializing in the production of alcohol, which made the branded tequila. The drink is bottled in 0.75-liter glass bottles stylized as lightning – Tesla Tequila sales began on the official Tesla website, and the entire first batch was sold out in a few hours.

Each bottle costs $ 250 and you could buy no more than two Tesla Tequilas at a time, which did not stop you from quickly selling alcohol. Tequila Anejo, as the description of the drink says, is made from 100% premium agave. It is stated that the agave-based alcoholic beverage is aged for over a year in French oak barrels, which allows tequila to acquire notes of dry fruit, light vanilla, cinnamon and pepper in its taste.

As a reminder, Tesla wasn’t the only automaker to make branded alcohol. Earlier it was reported that Aston Martin and Bowmore Whiskey have teamed up to create a limited edition whiskey known as the 1964 Black Bowmore DB5. Each bottle of Black Bowmore DB5 is powered by an Aston Martin DB5 piston and contains 700ml of 1964 Black Bowmore Single Malt, one of the rarest and most popular single malts in history. A total of 25 bottles of Black Bowmore will be produced, priced at £ 50,000 apiece.

In addition, Carbon made the Bugatti EB.02 Chiron 300+ blanc de blanc (a white champagne made exclusively from white grape varieties) sparkling Grand Cru wine of the 2006 vintage. The champagne was dedicated to the Bugatti Chiron record, which became the first production car to reach 300 miles per hour.


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