Tesla fires employee who posted video of autopilot crash on YouTube

(ORDO NEWS) — Former Tesla employee Jon Bernal claims he was fired from the company for a YouTube video demonstrating a beta version of Tesla’s Autopilot.

Is the company trying to silence its employees? Or is it just a coincidence?

According to Interesting Engineering , John Bernal, a former Tesla employee, was fired from the company on Feb. 4 – almost immediately after he posted a YouTube video of a minor accident.

The crash was linked to a beta version of FSD (Tesla’s Full Autopilot System). In the video, a man drove into a billboard.

After the video was published, the man was not only fired, but also disabled access to the beta version of the autopilot software in his personal Tesla car.

And here is the same video :

Was Bernal really fired for posting the video?

As noted by CNBC , the firing letter does not say it has anything to do with the YouTube video. However, Bernal himself told the publication that managers in a personal conversation told him about the “violation of Tesla policy” .

Is Tesla’s autopilot really that bad?

It’s been two years since the “Full Self-Driving” (autopilot) feature began testing, but it’s still in beta.

Bernal’s previous videos show that at the moment you still can’t trust software to drive your car. The function does not always work correctly: sometimes it does not slow down enough in front of a pedestrian and “goes crazy” from a stopped truck that partially blocks the road.


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