Tesla cars will get the “vision” of a new generation

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(ORDO NEWS) — Tesla has told the FCC that it plans to bring the new radar to market starting next month. As Electrek noted, the move is generating more talk about the necessary software updates to achieve the promised full autopilot.

Since 2016, Tesla has claimed that all of its vehicles will have “all the necessary equipment” to become “self-driving”. It turned out that this was not the case.

The automaker had to not only upgrade the hardware in some cases, but even remove some devices. At first it was a radar on the front panel, and more recently, ultrasonic sensors.

It’s all part of the “Tesla Vision” approach, in which the automaker believes the best way to achieve self-driving capability is to use cameras alone. The logic is that roads are for people who drive cars with vision (the eye) and biological neural networks (the brain).

Tesla believes the best way to replicate this is to use cameras instead of eyes and computer neural networks instead of brains.


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