Terrible predictions of Nostradamus: what awaits humanity in 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — After all that has happened this year, it’s hard to surprise people anymore. But Nostradamus claims that the most terrible events have not yet happened and they should be expected next year.

It is worth noting that many of the predictions of Nostradamus have already come true. At the same time, many of his predictions have not survived, and those that have survived are being translated by scientists from all over the world into an understandable language. Some of the prophecies of Nostradamus may seem obvious to people, but only after they have occurred.

In 2021, according to Nostradamus, a “baby with a terrible ugliness” should come into the world. It is this child that is the starting point for all those events that will happen over the next five years. Now no one will be surprised at some ugliness, and this event should shock the whole world. Some scientists believe that this prophecy may hide the appearance of, for example, a cyborg or the creation of artificial intelligence.

The following poems speak of terrible natural disasters. This year, the world was shaken not only by earthquakes, but also by terrible fires. Perhaps the situation will get worse next year. It is said that animals will be very badly affected, as well as the country that is located next to the sea. Experts do not exclude a catastrophic tsunami, volcanic eruption, or another fire.

There are also experts who are sure that the predictions of Nostradamus say that the Third World War will begin in 2021. In this case, the situation in the Middle East is taken into account. Because of the hostilities, such a theory appeared. Nostradamus also warned that chemical weapons would be used.

Special attention is paid to the relocation of people in the statements of the predictor. The cause of migration, which will grow into a global one, will be terrible wars and, as a result, poverty.

Whether these prophecies will come true, no one knows. We can only wait and hope that this time Nostradamus was wrong.


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