Terrible-looking creature confused netizens

(ORDO NEWS) — TikTok users were speechless when they saw a strange creature walking down a city street. Outwardly, something resembled a rodent, but it certainly was not.

The man with the camera tried diligently to capture the animal with its shabby tail raised up. The black jumper seemed to have three eyes, he was walking down the street in Texas (USA). The creature’s behavior indicated that it was not afraid of people at all.


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The highly disturbing video has already received 6 million views, as well as thousands of comments. Some have noted that the animal appears to be a rat-squirrel hybrid. More knowledgeable people said that the video is a gray squirrel, which is found in North America. Partial baldness could be related to scabies, users added.

One commenter noted that in the spring, some squirrels collect their wool to make a nest for their young. Many agreed with the user of the social network.


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