Telescope VISTA sent a picture of the nebula Sh2-54

(ORDO NEWS) — Myriads of stars are visible behind the faint glow of the Sh2-54 nebula in this new infrared image.

This stellar nursery, located in the constellation Serpens, was captured using the VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile.

Nebulae are huge clouds of gas and dust from which stars are born. Telescopes have allowed astronomers to identify and analyze these rather faint objects in great detail.

The nebula shown here is located about 6,000 light-years away. It was imaged in infrared light using a sensitive 67 million pixel camera mounted on the ESO VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory.

The image was obtained as part of the VVVX survey (VISTA Variables in the Via Láctea eXtended survey).

This is a multi-year project that has seen much of the Milky Way repeatedly observed at infrared wavelengths, providing key data for understanding stellar evolution.


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