Tarzan, who lived in the jungle for 40 years, died in Vietnam

(ORDO NEWS) — Ho Wang Lang has lived in the jungle for over 40 years. He received the nickname of the Vietnamese “tarzan”. The man died literally 8 years after he returned to “civilization”. As a result of the fact that he began to consume modern food products, as well as alcoholic beverages, he began to develop liver cancer.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Ho Van Long lived in the jungle with his father, who fled there during the war with the Americans 41 years ago. During the hostilities, most of his relatives died. Photographer Alvaro Cerezo learned about the unusual family back in 2015. He quickly became friends with Lang. Alvaro is sure that the reason for the death of “Tarzan” was unusual for him products, as well as alcoholic beverages.

The man got into the jungle when he was still a very young child. His father built the simplest dwelling, primitive tools for hunting and other work. In the jungle, Lang, along with his brother and father, began to wait for the war to end. Ho Wan Tri, the older brother left the jungle a little earlier. Lang remained in the wild, where he and his father hunted various animals and rodents, collected honey and fruits, and went fishing.

The Vietnamese was completely isolated from the outside world. He tried not to catch the eye of people and did not even suspect that there were also women. The man did not know anything about civilization, and his father practically did not tell him anything, so that Lang would not have a desire to get to know her better.

While they lived in the jungle, they practically did not get sick. A minor cold could appear every few years. When the men got to the village, their organisms turned out to be too weak and could not fully fight the viruses familiar to us. As a result, they began to get sick too often. In 2017, Lang’s father died, and a few years later, Tarzan himself was diagnosed with death.


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