Taoist medicine expert shares eastern secrets to resisting stress

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, most of the world’s population has plunged into prolonged stress. The situation of complete uncertainty leads to the fact that negative emotions roll in waves and deprive of strength. How to quickly help yourself if you find yourself in the grip of panic? Anna Vladimirova, a doctor and specialist in Taoist medicine, told about the secrets of using oriental practices in such conditions of MK.

The body condition and emotional background are directly related, says Dr. Vladimirova: “In order to survive this or that emotion, we need to strain something: for example, in fear, we reflexively pull our heads into our shoulders – we strain our shoulder girdle. To get angry, we need to tighten our diaphragm “Otherwise, no anger will come about. Accordingly, in order to reduce the intensity of the emotion, we need to relax what is straining for its realization.”

But where to look for these places of tension? “There are only three zones in the body that accumulate emotional stress,” the expert continues. First, this is the area of ​​the first cervical vertebra (the place where the head and neck meet). On the first cervical vertebra, the head nods. Second, these are the areas of attachment of the papillary diaphragm “The lower ribs, the solar plexus and the point opposite it on the spine, the area of ​​the twelfth thoracic vertebra. Well, the third is the pelvic region, especially the pelvic floor area.”

Most acute negative emotions in one way or another involve these areas of the body in tension. How to relax them in an emergency? “Let’s look at this with the example of the abdominal diaphragm. This is a large-scale muscle that separates the chest and abdomen. To feel it inside is not an easy task. But in case of acute anxiety, anger, fear, we feel tension in those parts of the body where this diaphragm In particular, the region of the solar plexus seems to “reduce”, the lower ribs “fall” inward, the lower back strains, ”says Anna Vladimirova.

Here are a couple of exercises that will help to quickly relax all problem areas.

The first one. Place your palms on your lower ribs and take a deep breath, as if pushing your palms to the sides. Fingers can gently grasp the lower ribs, helping this opening of the ribs. Take a few such breaths, stretching, stretching the diaphragm.

The second (from the course of qigong for the spine, Sing Shen Juang) will help to relax not only the solar plexus and lower ribs, but also the lower back, the area of ​​the twelfth thoracic vertebra. Stand upright, feet close, arms hanging, the crown tends to rise. Pay attention to the area of ​​the twelfth thoracic (feel for it approximately – it is opposite the solar plexus) and begin to rotate on it to the right and left.

The entire lower part of the body remains motionless, and the upper one turns 45 degrees to the left, 45 degrees to the center and to the right. The secret to success is to make this movement as slow as possible: by 10 accounts in one direction and by 10 accounts in the other. During the exercise, twitching may occur, the movement will become intermittent – this means you find and relax the accumulated stress.

Try to perform these exercises now, in a calm state, so that in an emergency emotional situation, if it suddenly comes, you have the opportunity to remember and do them.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that we have reflex zones that are associated with certain parts of the body and, accordingly, with emotions. Such reflex zones are located on the ears, feet and palms. We’ll talk about the latter. If you can do the calming exercises described above for the most part in solitude, then you can work on the reflex zones of the palms in the company, for example, at an exciting meeting or during a not very pleasant conversation with relatives.

To quickly remove the surging emotion, you need to grab a finger associated with a particular emotion and hold it for a minute.

Which fingers are associated with what emotions, according to Taoist medicine experts?

The thumb is associated with anxiety, the scrolling of the same disturbing thoughts that you cannot get rid of.

Index finger – with an emotion of fear. Of course, if the source of fear is somewhere nearby, here and now, then no effect on the fingers will help. But if fear arises against the background of disturbing thoughts, then it can be removed by acting on the index finger.

The middle finger is an emotion of rage; not for nothing that this finger is shown when they want to swear at someone. Instead, grip the middle finger, breathe and hold for a minute.

The ring finger is associated with the emotion of sadness. Chronic sadness requires psychological correction, and suddenly surging can be regulated by affecting the ring finger.

The little finger can help improve self-control. It is associated with the emotion of confusion, uncertainty. If you feel something like this, for example, before a responsible event, grab your little finger, hold it – and self-control will return. If you are faced with the task of harmonizing the overall emotional background, go through all the fingers from the thumb to the little finger, grabbing them and holding them for a minute. And then push the point in the center of the palm. Thus, you balance all emotions, return to a state of peace and confidence.


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