Tanks with radioactive waste are leaking in Washington: what is the threat

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, the US Department of Energy made an official statement that reservoirs of radioactive liquid in one of the landfills are leaking.

The tanks are underground, they were built during the Second World War. What to do in this situation? Now an urgent meeting is being convened in Washington.

It is reported by AP News.

According to the data obtained, the plutonium waste in the tank is stored by the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. There are 149 reservoirs in total and it is assumed that most of them are leaking. The first leak was discovered back in 2013.

Tank B-109 is the last reservoir in which a leak was detected. Its volume is 123 thousand gallons, which is approximately 465 thousand liters of radioactive waste.

The tank was built during the years of the Manhattan Project. At the same time, the first atomic bombs were built from (1946-1947) and all the waste was transported here.

The Hanford Proving Ground is located near Richland in the southeastern part of the state. He produced 2/3 of the plutonium for the national nuclear weapons. At the same time, a bomb was made for Nagasaki. Today this landfill is officially the most polluted in the country.

Today, the Washington Department of Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency are already thinking over an action plan to eliminate the disaster. There is currently no risk to the Hanford population. But you need to be on the alert and investigate the seriousness of the situation.

Leaks occur here regularly, but for the first time in such a volume. A watchdog group from Seattle says radioactive plutonium is extremely dangerous and cannot hesitate to resolve the situation.


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