Tallest residential skyscraper in San Francisco goes underground

(ORDO NEWS) — Erected in 2009, The Millennium Tower in San Francisco has become hugely popular, and Silicon Valley sports stars and tech executives have spent millions to acquire their lavish residences.

The tower’s 400 apartments sold out quickly, generating just over $ 1 billion in sales. The resulting profit was the high point of achievement for such a prestigious building, which has since begun to suddenly sink into the ground.

According to engineers, the Millennium Tower continues not only to submerge, but also tilts about 7.5 centimeters (!) Annually.

Outraged residents claim that their multimillion-dollar apartments are now worthless, or at best a couple of dollars. In addition to the cost of apartments, residents are concerned about its condition.

Tallest residential skyscraper in San Francisco goes underground 2

Since the problem first surfaced, developers have been trying to figure out how to keep the building upright.

San Francisco is located on one of the world’s most famous fault lines, the San Andreas Fault Lines, 1200 kilometers long.

In 1989, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area, killing 67 people and causing more than $ 5 billion in damage.

According to a civil engineer now tasked with tackling the forces of nature and solving a gigantic problem, the Millennium Tower has been steadily sinking and tilting to the side by about 7.5 centimeters each year.

Engineers have calculated that for every 2.5 centimeters of immersion, it tilts almost 13 cm to the side at the top.

According to experts, if the problem is not resolved quickly, the building may tilt at such an angle that elevators will stop working and the building’s extensive plumbing may stop functioning.

It was reported last week that the building remains safe and that 18 steel piles driven into the rock beneath the tower should prevent it from overturning further.

The current tower renovation project is estimated at $ 138 million.

Last year, work on the repair and reinforcement of the structure was promptly suspended due to the fact that immediately after the start of work, the tower sank 2.5 cm.


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