Taiwanese man hit by four cars

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Taiwan was hit by four cars in a row and died. It is reported by Taiwan News.

A series of road accidents involving a 41-year-old man occurred in the capital, Taipei, on Sunday, May 2. At night, a local resident named Chuan was crossing the street during heavy rain.

He did not have time to reach the sidewalk when the traffic light switched to red. Then the Taiwanese decided to run the rest of the way. At that moment he was hit by a taxi car.

A driver named Ting stopped at the side of the road to help the man, but a moment later the victim was run over by another car that was moving at high speed and fled the scene. Chuan was immediately run over by a third car, after which it stopped.

Taiwanese man hit by four cars 2

A minute later, Ting, who first hit the man, noticed that a truck was approaching the scene. He ran out onto the road to warn the driver that a victim was lying on the road, but the man driving the truck did not slow down. Tin had to jump to the side to avoid being hit by the wheels, and the truck ran over Chuan.

By the time paramedics arrived at the scene, Chuan was still alive, despite severe injuries to his head and limbs. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.

The police managed to track down all four drivers and are now charged with negligent homicide. As it turned out, one of the drivers was in a state of intoxication and greatly exceeded the speed limit.

Ting claims he only saw a green traffic light, but missed Chuan due to heavy rain and poor lighting.

Investigators believe that the cause of death of the Taiwanese was a combination of heavy rain, poor street lighting and violation of the speed limit, which allowed the drivers.


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