Tailed Swan flies to Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Swan flies to our planet – the main comet of spring, according to the Moscow Planetarium.

This beautiful tailed guest can be seen with the naked eye in the middle latitudes in the early morning of May 27 in the northeast of the sky.

At this time, the Swan, which in scientific circles is listed as C / 2020 F8 (SWAN), will approach the Sun at a distance of 64.3 million kilometers.

It was opened by Australian astronomy lover Michael Mattiazzo in images taken on March 25, 2020 by the SWAN orbital space observatory SOHO camera.

At the time of discovery, it was in the constellation Crane and was inaccessible to observations in the northern hemisphere. The Moscow Planetarium reports that as it approaches the Sun, the brightness of the comet grew rapidly, while it appeared a rather large and beautiful tail.

Earlier it was reported that astronomers witnessed an amazing phenomenon – how an asteroid suddenly turned into a kind of comet.


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