Great Zimbabwe had an ingenious drought survival system

(ORDO NEWS) -- Great City (Great) Zimbabwe was the first major city in southern Africa,

Residents of medieval Great Zimbabwe dug holes to survive

(ORDO NEWS) -- The largest medieval city in South Africa used dozens of large tanks

Zimbabwe launches first nanosatellite

(ORDO NEWS) -- Zimbabwe on Monday announced the launch of its first nanosatellite into space,

Zimbabwe measles outbreak kills 700 children despite vaccine available

(ORDO NEWS) -- UNICEF said it was "deeply concerned" after Zimbabwe's health ministry confirmed that

Climate change forces Zimbabwe to move thousands of animals

(ORDO NEWS) -- The helicopter drives thousands of impalas into the enclosure. A crane lifts

ChargePoint has grown in premarket

ChargePoint Holdings Inc shares soar more than 15% after the electric car charging infrastructure company