Parasite gives wolves what they need to be pack leaders

(ORDO NEWS) -- The study is one of the few to demonstrate the behavioral effects

Zoologists have discovered that the feline parasite Toxoplasma makes wolves bolder and more successful

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers at the Yellowstone Resource Center have found that the feline parasite

Scientists have figured out why there are so many black wolves in America

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Scientists find sleep states of wolves and dogs don’t quite match

(ORDO NEWS) -- Studying the sleep patterns of wolves versus dogs could give us insight

Scientists compared the sleep of dogs and wolves

(ORDO NEWS) -- One of the mysteries of the physiology of sleep is the changes

Biologists compared the sleep of wolves and dogs

(ORDO NEWS) -- For the first time, scientists have been able to track the brain

Dogs from Eurasia and Africa are descended from different groups of wolves

(ORDO NEWS) -- Paleogeneticists have deciphered the genomes of 70 ancient wolves and found that

Dogs are descended from two different populations of wolves

(ORDO NEWS) -- The dog has been a friend of man for more than 15