Uri Geller releases video of suspected cylindrical UFO

(ORDO NEWS) -- Famous illusionist and hoaxer Uri Geller posted a video of a mysterious

Uri Geller has published footage of a UFO hovering in the sky

(ORDO NEWS) -- Uri Geller tweeted a video of what appears to be a UFO

Voyager 1 malfunction caused by aliens, claims Uri Geller

(ORDO NEWS) -- Geller commented on the news that NASA's Voyager 1 probe - the

Uri Geller Aliens will increase the duration of human life up to 220 years

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Uri Geller Says ‘Massive Alien Invasion’ Is Coming

(ORDO NEWS) -- The famous psychic Uri Geller (Uri Geller) claims that the Earth is

Uri Geller said that aliens are preparing to make contact with humanity

(ORDO NEWS) -- The famous psychic Uri Geller (Uri Geller) said that extraterrestrial contact is