Sunrise III

  • ScienceSunrise III found safe at landing site

    Sunrise III found safe at landing site

    (ORDO NEWS) — After the termination of the Sunrise III solar observatory’s balloon flight on July 10, team members reached the landing site and found that the observatory’s science payload was largely intact. According to current information, the flight had to be abandoned a few hours after launch because the solar telescope it was carrying,…

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  • News HeadlinesFirst rays of the sun for the balloon mounted solar observatory Sunrise III

    First rays of the sun for the balloon-mounted solar observatory Sunrise III

    (ORDO NEWS) — About a month before the start of the exploratory flight into the stratosphere in a balloon, the Sunrise III solar observatory looked at the Sun for the first time from its launch pad above the Arctic Circle. In June, the Sunrise III will take off from the Esrange Space Center, the Swedish…

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