Unraveling the mystery of the Stonehenge altar stone: New research casts doubt on its origin

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Stonehenge, an iconic Neolithic monument in England, has long

Stonehenge wasn’t a giant solar calendar, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2022, scientists at Bournemouth University theorized that Stonehenge is a huge

What is Stonehenge?

(ORDO NEWS) -- Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England. It is a

Stones found near Stonehenge turned out to be jeweler’s tools

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7,000-year-old building near Prague older than Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeologists excavating near Prague have unearthed the remains of a Stone Age

Neolithic structure older than Stonehenge found in Prague

(ORDO NEWS) -- Czech archaeologists are excavating a monumental object of the New Stone Age.

In Spain, discovered a new Stonehenge age 7.5 thousand years

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeologists have discovered an ancient complex with standing stones like Stonehenge in

Stonehenge found in Spain

(ORDO NEWS) -- On a field intended for growing avocados, archaeologists have discovered a large

Builders of Stonehenge left poop behind them, and now we know what was in them

(ORDO NEWS) -- Humans have a long and rich history of dealing with intestinal parasites,

Parasites found in prehistoric feces found near Stonehenge

(ORDO NEWS) -- The inhabitants of Durrington Walls ate meat with worms, and fed the

Archaeologists have discovered what used to be at the site of Stonehenge

(ORDO NEWS) -- Some time ago, regular archaeological excavations were carried out near Stonehenge. The