Elon Musk clarified the time of the first launch of the Starship spacecraft

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX assembled the Starship spacecraft last week by placing a prototype of

SpaceX president warns Starship orbital launch could end in explosion

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX is gearing up for the long-awaited first launch into Earth orbit

Starship is the first fully fueled with methane and liquid oxygen

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX has fully fueled the 120-meter prototype of its Starship S24 spacecraft

Chinese startup tests its ‘Starship’

(ORDO NEWS) -- Chinese aerospace company Space Epoch has tested a fuel tank for its

China tests ‘response’ to Elon Musk’s Starship

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Elon Musk has announced a new date for the launch of Starship into space

(ORDO NEWS) -- According to the message of the founder of the aerospace company SpaceX

Starship to undergo full fuel test ahead of static fire test

(ORDO NEWS) -- The fully completed Starship is still ready for the next round of

SpaceX is ‘very cautious’ about Starship testing

(ORDO NEWS) -- For the first time, Elon Musk's company is in no hurry to

Billionaire bought trip around the moon for himself and his wife on Starship

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Starship rocket will get even bigger

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China may move to a fully reusable super-heavy launcher after Starship

(ORDO NEWS) -- Chinese launch vehicle manufacturers appear to be developing a fully reusable version

NASA fears Starship could explode on launch pad

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on June