Collection of skulls found in Neanderthal cave

(ORDO NEWS) -- Spanish scientists, together with researchers from Portugal and Austria, discovered a large

150 ancient skulls found in Mexican cave were sacrifices

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2012, on the alarm of citizens, the Mexican police discovered a

One of the oldest artificially deformed skulls found in China

(ORDO NEWS) -- Paleoanthropologists examined an artificially deformed skull that was discovered near Harbin. It

Ancient Peruvian skull with a metal implant

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma, USA, published photographs of a skull

Archaeologists Find 40 Beheaded Roman Skeletons With Skulls Between Their Legs

(ORDO NEWS) -- About 40 beheaded skeletons were among 425 bodies found in a late