• News HeadlinesSmall oysters swim on the click of shrimp claws 1

    Small oysters swim on the click of shrimp claws

    (ORDO NEWS) — Bivalves may have lost their heads in the process of evolution, but sometimes they are still capable of quite complex behavior. For example, oyster larvae are able to purposefully move towards the sound that occurs when a snapping shrimp uses its special claw. The seas and oceans are not such a quiet place as it might seem: the water there is permeated with different sounds, many of…

  • News HeadlinesScientists figure out how a 100 million year old shrimp reproduced 1

    Scientists figure out how a 100-million-year-old shrimp reproduced

    (ORDO NEWS) — Shrimp are, in fact, small crustaceans that live in both fresh water and sea water. They reproduce sexually – the female mates with the male, after which caviar develops, from which small shrimp appear. However, scientists have found that shrimp did not always develop in this way. After examining a 100-million-year-old freshwater shrimp fossil, they concluded that females could do without males. Moreover, this species of shrimp…