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    Israel Claims Gaza Mosque Historic As Hamas Rocket-Making Lab, Shares Video

    The Israel Defense Forces have claimed that they found a Hamas rocket-making lab, weapons, and a tunnel entrance inside a mosque in Gaza City's Zeitoun neighborhood. They also shared a video that showed Israeli soldiers heading into the basement of a partially destroyed mosque and uncovering a base allegedly used by the Hamas operatives. Different types of mortars, warhead missiles, thermobaric weapons, and explosive materials, were found in an underground room. A…

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    Israel shares video of Hamas gunman executing lady on Oct. 7

    Israel on Monday released security camera footage from Oct. 7, which shows Hamas gunmen who crossed into Israel chase people from an outdoor music festival, with one seen executing a woman at point-blank range. Israel is seeking to fend off international criticism for its response to the Hamas rampage, which sparked a devastating war in Gaza. Despite mounting calls for a ceasefire, Israel has said it will push on with…

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    Carol Alt shares 91-one year-dilapidated mom’s reaction to her joining OnlyFans: ‘You gotta roll with the times’

    Eighties supermodel and actress Carol Alt is getting some family support for her decision to launch an OnlyFans page. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Alt, 62, shared how her 91-year-old mother reacted to her launching an account on the subscription-based social media platform known for adult content.  "My mom's 91, and I said, ‘Mom, you know, this is the times, this is the pros, this is the cons’…